What Color are you Eating?

What Color are you Eating?

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Time Magazine recently reported that consumers will pay up to a whole dollar more per pound of salmon if it's a darker red hue. Why is that? According to Paul Greenberg, writer of Four Fish and American Catch, salmon's red color is what made it so commercially popular in the first place. “It’s exotic, it stands out. When you think about it, most fish you see in the market are going to have some variant on white, gray or beige. The red of salmon just pops.”

The red pigment is also the most expensive addition to farmed salmon feed. That means that fish farmers don't want to add it - they have to in order to be competitive at the supermarkets (where almost 80% of Americans are buying their seafood). So there is some good news: if consumers stop asking for color-added salmon, we can make a big difference!

But is store-bought farmed salmon always prettier than its wild counterpart? No way! Here's a photo comparing grocery store salmon with wild caught California King. The bright pink flesh of the California King Salmon is the real star. What matters most is that seafood is fresh. And the only way to get fresh seafood, is to support traceable seafood!

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