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Contact Us

Questions? Comments? We'd love to hear them.

Looking to cancel your account or go on hold? You can message us here!

If you’d like to discontinue service you MUST let us know at least one day prior to the automatic renewal of your account. We are a small business and need time to get to your account before the automatic system does!

Account holds or changes to your share must be made at least three days before your pickup. We need this time to make sure the right fish is always sourced for you!

You can put your account on hold at any time as long as we're given the three days' notice to make sure we don’t source for you. 

Log into your account or email us at to put your account on hold. The process is simple: we will remove your credit card information and you will no longer get charged. If your account has less than one share’s worth of payment credit on it, we can either end your account before it is renewed (keeping whatever is left over) or charge the remainder to your card for one more pickup. 

We do not offer refunds should there be a few dollars (less than one share's) worth of credit left in your account, so we highly recommend getting charged the remainder for one more pickup