Caring for Your Share

Caring for your Share

We’ve got some tips for keeping your fish safe once you pick it up. We’ll keep it temperature controlled from the moment it lands, but it is your responsibility once it's in your hands. We recommend bringing along an insulated cooler or a bag with an ice pack. Once you bring your fish home, here’s how to keep it fresh until you’re ready to eat:

Oysters, Clams, Mussels, and Crustaceans

When you get home, transfer your shellfish out of the mesh bag and into a bowl or a container – preferably one that has drainage, as they will release some water. If your bowl does not have drainage, dump the excess water and rinse the shellfish at least once a day. Your mollusks (clams, mussels and oysters) are still alive and need to breathe, so do not put them in an airtight container. You can cover the bowl with a damp cloth.

When you’re ready to prep them, give your shellfish a rinse under cold water. Some shells will open while they are stored, but gently tap them on the counter and give them thirty seconds to close. If they remain open, they’ve died – don’t eat them. It is completely normal for a few bivalves to die but if you notice an excessive amount, take photos and get in touch with us. We cannot offer any refunds or credits without photos. Shellfish should be kept around 35° F and will keep fresh for 3-5 days.

Fish Fillets

Keep your fillets as cool as possible by rinsing them off and storing them in your fridge with ice or an ice pack in an airtight bag or container. Drain any excess water at least once a day before consuming your fish. Maintaining a steady temperature and keeping your fish from getting too damp will extend shelf life and dramatically help upkeep freshness, taste, and texture.

Remember, most fish we buy at the grocery store has been frozen and defrosted multiple times and comes to us several days after being caught. The industry’s quality for freshness is far lower than we can even imagine. So don’t fret if you haven’t maintained your fresh fillet with five-star standards, but do what you can to keep it fresh and your fillet should last you 2-3 days. Fish should be kept around 35° F in your fridge. If you’re going to freeze your fillet, rinse it off and pat it dry, then place it in an airtight container and keep an eye on it. Every freezer is different, but your frozen fillet should last up to six months.

Whole Fish

Whole fish should be gutted as quickly as possible to maintain freshness. Give them a rinse and follow our exclusive newsletters to learn preparation tips and recipes for our more unique shares. This is Trashfish after all! Once rinsed, whole fish should be kept covered on a pan or in a container in your fridge. Be sure to drain excess liquid from the fish at least once a day, and keep it around 35° F. Your whole fish will last you 3-5 days.

Pantry Items

Each Trashfish share comes with a complimentary food item. You will receive a pantry item, a little something that we believe every seafoodie should have in their kitchen. Our newsletters will walk you through proper storage and maintenance of these items and will offer tips from renowned chefs.