Our Mission

Our Company

trashfish  noun

  1.  a fish species often overlooked in favor of The Big Three (shrimp, tuna, and salmon)
  2.  abundant, sustainable, and delicious, trashfish are our best bet at dissolving the global seafood complex

Our Commitment

Trashfish deconstructs the global industrial food system by offering 100% traceable, sustainable, and affordable seafood. Our mission is to provide seafood that you can trust–from your personal fishmonger!

Accountability can only come from traceability, and we are committed to ensuring that the fisheries we source from are sustainable.

Our definition of “sustainable” uses the triple bottom line approach, one that considers economic, social, and financial impacts. This means that the fishery population must be healthy, that the catch method must cause minimal harm to the ecosystem, and that the fishermen must be paid a fair wage

Why Membership Matters

As a Trashfish member you're helping us do something really special: create a market for the seafood we should be eating. 

When members opt to support eating under-loved Trashfish we directly–and boldly–challenge the massive seafood industry that only offers us the same old shrimp, salmon, and tuna.

Roughly 80% of Americans buy their seafood at supermarkets. We eat fish that is either overfished or mass farmed to conform to the existing statistics of our diet. We are trapped in a dirty fish cycle.

In order to say "no" to the standard model we need the help of each of our members. With each share we use our buying power to make a powerful dent in the globalized food system.

As a thank you for your valued Trashfish membership you will receive two gifts each week: a pantry item to complement your share and access to an exclusive newsletter where our chef partners will walk you through preparation of our catch.

Join Trashfish to take the guesswork out of eating sustainable seafood!