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Check out what we've featured in some of our favorite Trashfish Boxes!

In The Box:  

The Fish: Kellet's Whelks (Captain Paul Teall, FV Sal-C, Santa Barbara)

The Chef: Dom Crisp (L&E Oyster Co)

The Pantry Item: Chipotle Jalapeno Jelly (Coldwater Canyon Provisions)

Why Kellet's Whelks?

These whelks are one of the largest sea snails found off the coast of California. They can be found in kelp forests and on rocky reefs. They are caught commercially in crab traps, when a crab fisherman strategically places traps in their known habitats. The "meat" or "proboscis" can extend about two times the length of the shell! This is a relatively new fishery, so creating a market for it benefits crab and lobster fishermen in the off-seasons. Kellet's Whelk are full of  protein, while tasting firm and chewy with a salty flavor.

In The Box:  

The Fish: Pacific Mackerel (Captain Brett Wilson, F/V Reel Deal)

The Chef: Colin Akiyama (Little Fatty)

The Pantry Item: Pickled Onions (Coldwater Canyon Provisions)

Why Pacific Mackerel?

Pacific Mackerel are often bycatch of Southern California's squid industry. They're one of the healthiest fish you can eat, with very high omega-3 oil content. For that reason, their flavor profile is also quite oily and fishy. Their diet consists of crabs and squid, adding to their rich taste. Their high oil content also gives them a very short shelf life. 


In The Box:  

The Fish: Black Cod (Captain Scott Breneman, FV Wescott)

The Chef: Antonio Medina (The Gastrobus)

The Pantry Item: Exclusive Hot Sauce (The Gastrobus)

Why Black Cod?

Black cod is a fantastic example of a thriving, sustainable fish that has successfully replaced its dirtier counterparts in a variety of cuisines. Many sushi restaurants are replacing farmed Chilean seabass with black cod, and it was made especially popular by Nobu’s miso glaze recipe. Be sure to ask for local black cod at your favorite sushi restaurant, and pay special attention to the texture to become an expert at spotting its mislabeled counterparts!

In the Box:

The Fish: California Market Squid (Monterey Bay, CA)

The Chef: Michael Bryant (Fellow Restaurant)

The Pantry Item: Kung Pao Sauce (Fellow Restaurant)

Why Market Squid?

California Market squid are beloved globally. They're one of the largest fishery exports California has to offer! Market Squid are caught with little to no bycatch. They live for less than a year so they populate quickly. These Pacific Coast squid are also highly regulated, as they are great indicators for a number of other species from fish to birds! Also, fishermen can get more bang for their buck when squid are sold locally as food, instead of globally as cheap bait.

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