What’s in a Trashfish Box?

What's in a Trashfish Box?

What happens when you sign up:

  • Check your email 3 days before your pickup date to receive your exclusive newsletter and learn what's going to be in your share.
  • You'll get an email reminder 1 day before  pickup so you don't forget!
  • We'll bring your biweekly share to the pickup location of your choice. 
  • A unique customer account will be created for you! With it you'll be able to manage your pickup location, share size, add-ons, and account holds.

Included with every Trashfish Box:

  • A share of unique seafood, approximately the amount you'd get served at a restaurant
  • A complimentary (and complementary!) pantry item: something we believe that Trashfish foodies should have in their kitchens
  • And access to our exclusive newsletter: it features tips and recipes from renowned chefs

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